Nebraska Support Raising & Upcoming eMi Golf Marathon

Thank you for your prayers for this past weekend as I traveled to fellowship and speak at Stockham Community Church in Nebraska this morning. It was great to worship with them and to share more of my heart and involvement with Engineering Ministries International. And, it was a blessing to spend time with my grandparents on the drive and to visit extended family in Nebraska as a part of this trip.

As my grandparents prepare to drive back to Indiana and I prepare to fly back to Colorado, God blessed us with a beautiful sunset tonight in Kansas City, which I am sharing with you in the photo below. Praise the Lord that He created dawn and sunset to shout for joy (Psalm 65:8)!

Please pray with me for eMi’s Golf Marathon on Tuesday, the annual fundraiser for our general account. I plan to participate only as a cart driver/caddy, but if you would like to give toward this general fundraiser, you may do so at with a designation of “golf marathon.” Several staff from eMi offices around the world will be golfing, in addition to some volunteers and other eMi contacts, so the day will be a good time of fellowship and enjoying the day outside in Colorado Springs.

Praise God for providing a team for the Ghana project trip this fall! Team members will be finalizing their commitments to the trip before we purchase airfare this week, so please pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in their hearts as they commit and as we prepare for the trip. I will update more about this trip soon.

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