Arrival in Sudan

Greetings from Juba! We have one final small flight into Bor scheduled for this morning because of flooding and safety concerns along the road. After that trip, we will finally be at our final destination for the rest of the week, the proposed school site.

On the flight from Addis Ababa yesterday, God blessed me with the opportunity to sit next to a lady from Uganda who works with the African Union and is a representative for her local area. I praise God for her encouraging words about how God is working in and through churches around Africa! She shared that churches are growing, and Africans are traveling to other parts of the world to share the gospel and help with church planting. Please pray that God would continue to strengthen His body in Africa so that many would surrender their lives to Jesus and live according to His Word.

Please continue to pray for the eMi team and the local churches here in southern Sudan. Praise God that He has used the Dinka tribe for His glory through severe persecution. May they continue to stand for Him and cling to Him in times of weakness and attack. Pray that the school we work on designing will be a place of peace and that God works in lives through it, including our own as we learn more about this part of the world. May God alone receive the glory as He brings scattered people back, purifies them, replaces hearts of stone with hearts of flesh, and fills them with His Spirit (Ezekiel 36:24-27).

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Seeking the sovereign Lord,

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