Week of Departure Update – February 22, 2009

Praise God that we all have our passports back with visas for entry into Sierra Leone! The process went smoothly, thanks to Global Outreach Mission (GOM). You can learn more about their ministry at www.missiongo.org. Our team of 8 engineers and surveyors will be serving GOM by producing plans for the hospital/school site. Please pray that our interaction with GOM staff in Sierra Leone would encourage them to continue ministering and serving on a long-term basis.

Additional prayer requests for the next few days include the following:

  • Pray that our packing & preparation would go well, not requiring excessive time so that each of us can spend some quality time with the Lord before departure.
  • Ask the Lord to strengthen us and sustain us through the airports and flights. I will be flying through Chicago to London, where all 8 of us will finally meet and continue on to Freetown, Sierra Leone.
  • Pray for the team as we prepare to leave our jobs after a few days this week. May this sacrifice of time off stimulate discussion with coworkers about why we are going and Who we are ultimately serving.
  • Lift up the people we will encounter along the journey to our ultimate destination. Pray that God would lead us and give us boldness to speak His name and share His gospel.
  • Pray that our 8 hour 4×4 drive on unpaved roads to the site/camp area will go well. Praise God that it is the dry season, or this drive would be even longer!
  • Pray for the team that will be welcoming us, driving us around, and hosting us at the camp about 30 minutes from the hospital site. May God bless them for their gracious hospitality!

Thank you all for your commitment to support God’s work through me in Sierra Leone over the next two weeks! I can hardly wait to leave Denver for Freetown on Thursday morning.

Safe because of my Strong Tower,

Proverbs 18:10

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