Sierra Leone Mission Trip Update from London – February 27, 2009

As I read through Ezra this morning at London Heathrow Airport this morning, I was reminded of God’s faithfulness to reestablish His temple in Jerusalem through Nehemiah and many others who returned home to Israel. The builders had an amazing excitement and dedication to see the task accomplished, even though opposition hindered the progress.

During the 11 year conflict in Sierra Leone, more than 1/4 of the population were displaced, and the country plummeted to the bottom of the human development index according to a UN report. There is a great need for believers to return home and establish places to worship the Lord within Sierra Leone. Please pray that God would raise up leaders to take on this effort and to continue spreading His name and His gospel around the country. May God’s glory spread through places like the community hospital/school site that our team will be preparing plans for, as well as through rebuilt churches and homes. Pray that the gospel would break through and bring lasting change to this devastated country as they rebuild.

I would also appreciate your prayers for the spiritual opposition that I anticipate our team will experience. Pray especially that the power of Jesus would bind the power of the occult and evil influences, and that many eyes would be opened to the truth of God’s Word. May we as a team be strong representatives for God’s heart to reach the peoples of Sierra Leone. We desperately need His strength and grace!

Speaking of our team, I am eagerly awaiting meeting them here in London before we leave for Freetown. Continue to pray that we would work well together for the glory of the Lord.

Thank you again for your prayer support! It is a crucial part of this trip.

Rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord and this opportunity to serve the God of heaven and earth,

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