Prayer Requests for Sierra Leone Mission Trip

Once again, God has provided amazingly! Plans are in place, finances are covered, passports and visas are back to the team, and we depart for Sierra Leone on Thursday, February 26th. I am going with a team of 8 engineers and surveyors to design hospital plans for Global Outreach Mission. Below you can find some prayer requests that I compiled. I appreciate your prayers, and I look forward to providing further updates from the trip!

  • That God would be glorified through this trip in attitude, word, & deed
  • That the EMI team would bond well and function effectively together
  • That God would prepare our hearts and strengthen us to share His love & gospel
  • For Henry Watts, as he leads the trip
  • That God would protect the team spiritually and give us strength to minister in spiritual darkness
  • That God would enable me to work effectively and efficiently in determining the best methods for water supply, water treatment, and sanitary treatment on the hospital/future school site
  • That the Holy Spirit will work mightily in the hearts of people we encounter on the trip
  • That the Lord would give us insight & flexibility as we design with local, sustainable criteria in mind
  • For the short-term teams from the U.S. & Canada that will work on the project after it is designed
  • That God would pour out His grace and healing on those who travel hours seeking medical help before this local hospital at Moyamba is rehabilitated
  • For the local chiefs and the government to sense the love and power of Christ through this project
  • That the rehabilitated hospital would result in the gospel being shared with and transforming many in the Moyamba District, especially among the Krio Fula, East Limba, Sherbro, and Mende peoples
  • For continued restoration and peace after 11 years of brutal war in Sierra Leone
  • That God’s fame would grow in Sierra Leone (~60% Muslim, 10% indigenous/tribal religion)
  • That the Lord would grow me through this trip as I journey toward long-term missions involvement
  • Praise God that 7% of the Mende, the largest people group in the country, are evangelical Christians
  • Praise God that the local leadership entrusted Global Outreach Mission with the hospital renovation
  • Praise God for His grace & His faithfulness to draw peoples to Himself

Because of the mercy God richly poured out through Jesus Christ our Savior,

Titus 3:4-8

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