Thursday, May 10, 2007 – World Relief office (Jogja area, Indonesia)

After a night of tossing, turning, and shivering on Sunday, I was able to shower and make it outside in time to ride to the World Relief office on Monday morning. Norm led a great devotion on being close to God as opposed to just serving/obeying Him based on Micah 6 (verse 8 ). I continued to feel worse throughout the devotion, and I had to lie down. I rested (feeling feverish and making fairly frequent trips to the bathroom) for several hours as Norm presented to the staff and pointed out some technical aspects on a field visit to one of the villages. I was sad to miss this portion of our time here, but I trust that God had His purpose in allowing me to be ill on Monday.

I know that I was extremely excited to be feeling mostly healthy again yesterday, and I’m thankful that I will be able to climb the volcano as planned tomorrow night. Norm and I were able to tag along on a couple field visits yesterday, which made the day go by quickly. We continued to look at wells and some latrines with septic tanks and seepage pits that World Relief built in one of the Muruh villages. I think our time and investment with the staff here has been beneficial, but they have a challenging task ahead of them in getting the communities to agree to improved sanitation, especially when it means that some of the existing systems might need to be changed or existing wells abandoned as drinking water sources. It is my prayer that the believers in these villages would recognize the benefit and lead the way for Christ’s glory and so that lasting change might be attained, because of their example in faith and sanitation.

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