I think the thing that God has been teaching me the most over the past few months has been patience. At this point in my life, I desire to do so much beyond where God has me right now that I miss some of the joy of living in the present. As I pray for a more patient attitude, I also pray that God would open my eyes to ways that I can minister more effectively now. I know He has placed me with my seven housemates, my church body, and my co-workers for a reason; and it’s my desire to glorify Him as He gives me the strength to pray for, love, testify to, and encourage each person in my life.

As I read 2 Peter this morning, I was reminded of God’s patience in waiting to send His Son to the earth again. I’m amazed at His desire to save those who will trust in Him in the coming time before Christ’s return. While looking forward to His return and my future dream of becoming a part of and reaching out to a lost people group, I should be living in holiness and godliness. Peter tells us that we should “make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with [God].” May God’s grace cover us as we press on and live every day in His strength to be witnesses wherever He leads us.

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