Family Time

John with the Dallmanns
Dallmann family (minus Jonathan) & I

One of the best parts of my trip was experiencing life with a missionary family. I was so blessed to be able to stay with and learn from the Dallmanns!

I especially appreciated their “family time,” a time of singing a couple praise songs, reading & discussing Scripture, and prayer. This time really inspired and encouraged me throughout the trip. Even when it was only John, Jonathan, Luke, Josiah, and I in Banyo, we still had family time almost every evening. As I look ahead to being a father, “family time” is definitely one thing that I desire to pattern after the Dallmanns’ example. Praise God for keeping their family close through the challenges of living in Africa!

It amazes me how close missionary families are not only to each other, but also to other missionary families. Throughout this trip, I saw the body of Christ united in many ways–people from each Christian denomination in the country are working together to reach the peoples of Cameroon. Missionary work can be very challenging and depressing, but I’m in awe of how God provides encouragement and fellowship through a network of missionaries. After seeing that and having the opportunity to be a small part of that in Cameroon, I have no doubt that God has called me to be a part of the work to share Jesus with unreached peoples of the world. I’ve been encouraged that it’s not a task I’m called to do alone, and I trust that God will continue to give direction, wisdom, and strength through the years ahead.

I encourage you to keep on seeking and trusting Him, and be willing to surrender your complete life to Him as a sacrifice of praise. As you become satisfied in knowing Him and being used by Him, He will be faithful to fill you with an indescribable joy (Romans 15:13).

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