Safe Arrival in Cameroon with all bags

Greetings from Cameroon!

Praise God for getting me though the 18 hours of flying, waiting time at airports, and Cameroon immigration and customs! I was able to connect to my gate in Paris with an hour and a half to spare (out of over three hours between flights…Charles deGalle airport in Paris is crazy!), and the plane landed in Yaounde only 15 minutes late (after leaving Paris an hour late–We didn’t stop as long as planned in Douala). The only items questioned by the customs officials were the lawn mower wheels, but they eventually let me though without paying anything when I told them they were for friends.

The Dallmanns are very grateful for all of the items that I brought them, and I would like to pass that thank you on to those of you who went shopping for them. The Dr. Pepper, peanut butter, and jogging shoes are especially appreciated. John just finished a brief orientation of Cameroon with me, so I know a little more about the country and the people now.

We’re headed up to Banyo tomorrow, so continue to pray for that trip. I’m excited to see how God works through our interaction with people!

I’ll update again when possible, but it’s almost time to eat lunch so I’ll end for now. Then John will take me to the internet connection to send this. I’m excited to see more of the city, country, and people!

For Christ’s glory,

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