Packed and Ready to Go

Praise God!

My bags are packed, the trip is 100% funded, and I’m ready to take off
for Atlanta-Paris-Yaounde in the morning! My flight leaves DIA at
8:40, and I plan to be at the airport by 6.

I started my Malarone malaria medication today, and I was able to fit
everything I need (plus all of the items the Dallmanns requested) into
5 bags: 3 to be checked and a little bag plus a backpack to carry on
the planes. Please continue to pray that my travel and entry into
Cameroon will go smoothly.

I’ve included a map of Cameroon with this message so that you will
have a better understanding of my location throughout the trip. I
should be landing in Yaounde (the capital) on Monday morning (10:50
MDT), which will be Monday evening in Cameroon. John and two of his
sons will be taking me to Banyo on Wednesday, so I’m not sure I will
be able to e-mail much or at all during the first two weeks of my
trip. Keep praying for our travel and interaction with people,
though. I’ll update when possible.

Goodnight and goodbye!


Cameroon Map

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