One Week Away from Departure for Cameroon

Hello again, prayer supporters!

I’ve been busy making sure that I have all of the right parts and items to take to the Dallmanns over the past few weeks, and I almost have everything that they have requested. I’ve already received more than half of the items that Grace Fellowship church members signed up to help me shop for the Dallmanns, and the rest of those should be at church in the morning. Tomorrow is also my official “send off” by the church, since I will be at the airport boarding my first plane one week from tomorrow morning at 8:10 a.m.

I continue to praise God for His awesome provision for this trip! He is faithfully providing spiritually and physically. I now only need $296.42, which means that the trip is 92% funded! God is so good!

Prayer requests for this coming week include the following:

– Pray for the auto mechanic in Boulder to find shocks that will work for John Dallmann’s pickup truck within a week. He’s been having a hard time finding any that will work, and this is a fairly significant need since John uses the truck to transport his well-drilling equipment.

– Lift up those handling and shipping the drilling rig engine parts that I ordered through a local rent-alls place on Thursday. Pray that all of the parts would make it here to Arvada by Friday so that I can
pick them up and pack them.

– Continue to pray that the well-water test samples will make it to Yaounde in time when I’m there, if it’s God’s will for me to be able to do some water testing.

– Keep lifting up those of us who will be rafting down the Mbampti River and showing the JESUS film along the way. Pray specifically for our safety as we travel down the river. Ask the Holy Spirit to begin softening hearts so that the people in the villages would be receptive to the gospel. May God’s love radiate from our lives!

– Praise the Lord that the Dallmanns had a good trip up to Mbingo last week, and continue to pray for them as they prepare to host during my visit. I’m so excited to get to know them better! Pray that our time together would be blessed and encouraging.

– Continue to offer up supplication to our Father that I will make it through customs in Cameroon without major problems. Pray that I would stay calm and only offer info or my list if the officials ask for it. May God give the grace that I might, in John Dallmann’s words, “just float through the line and [be] free.”

– Praise God for His provision for this trip, especially financially! Ask Him that over the next week He would fill me up with His Spirit and His Word so that I can pour out His love, joy, and grace to everyone throughout the duration of this trip (and even after this trip). It’s only by His grace and in His strength that I am taking this trip for His glory. May I point to Him through every thought,
action, and spoken word. o/

– Keep praying for the Fulani people in Cameroon, especially those who have not accepted and do not know Christ as Savior.

Be sure to check out my new blog at for further posts, thoughts, and pictures. I plan to at least keep it updated with prayer requests as I send them to my e-mail prayer list, and I
might even include some journal entries as I have opportunity to do so.

Thank you so much for joining me as a part of this journey! I look forward to keeping you updated, and to hearing from you, too (so send me some e-mails). No doubt, it will be exciting!

Because of God’s grace and for His glory,


2 Comments on One Week Away from Departure for Cameroon

  1. John, As we lift you in your time of service, might you also remember Josh as he prepares to travel to Rwanda? Specific prayers would be for: travel preparations, safety, communications with the Rwandan people, protection from illness, spiritual strength and the opportunity to share the Lord with those around them. I will have Josh e-mail his prayer letter later today.
    Blessings, Aunt Kim

  2. I am continuing to lift up Josh’s trip, as well. I would love to receive his prayer letter, and I look forward to hearing more about his trip when we get together in August! Praise God for giving us both the opportunities to take these international mission trips this summer!

    Also remember to lift up the youth team from GFL (including Rebecca) who are in Victoria, Canada ministering among Native Americans there right now.

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