An Exciting Update from the Dallmanns

It’s been quite an experience: checking my e-mail every morning and receiving an ongoing list of needs from the Dallmanns in Cameroon. Yesterday John e-mailed me requesting some guitar strings since one of his had broken as he led a service on Sunday. My sister Sarah was at the music store when I received that message, and she was able to pick up some sets of strings and was even given a special discount on only the strings “since [their] computers were down and [they] had to hand-write the receipt.” 🙂 God works in such amazing ways, doesn’t He!?

This morning, I received an especially encouraging “update from Dallmanns,” which Gala sent out to their prayer e-mail list, and I have included it below since it all applies to my upcoming trip.

Dear Friends,

Isn’t it fun when God starts to answer prayer! You prayed about the Jesus Film showing in Banyo and we were kind of disappointed because it rained and not as many could see it as we had hoped. But God was preparing the hearts of those who He picked to see the film and just today a guy called John from Banyo by cell phone (amazing we can do that now!)saying he had seen the film and wanted to talk to John about following Jesus. So pray for this guy – we’ll call him “Yusy”.

John and the boys plan to go out to Banyo next Wednesday with our short term college student. They will be there for 2 weeks while Liss, Ty and I are here in Yaounde. They are going to be holding a seminar, floating down the river on a raft and showing the Jesus film, working on water projects and meeting with those interested in the Gospel. A great time for boys, dad and John (our student). You can pray for them as they travel and minister. And pray for us at home. It might almost get quiet around here. Well, with Ty it is never quiet! Thanks for praying!

Resting in Him,

Gala (for all the Dallmanns)

Such an amazing testimony to God’s way of working!

Please continue to pray that He would accomplish great things in Cameroon. To Him alone be the glory! o/ Psalm 34:2-4

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